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Action 6: Capacity building.

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A6 - Cover Index


D12.1 - Cadastral database energy certification process

A6 - Portada índice
  (PDF 181 Kb)
D12.1 - Cadastral database energy certification processThe present research proposes a new method based on the use of cadastral databases as a source of information during the energy certification process. The use of these databases decreases the complexity of the mentioned calculation. At the same time, its use brings additional advantages stemming from the condition of being these databases public in its access, their already existing special relation with real-state market operations and their capacity to host a wide range of building data.  (PDF 622 Kb)

D12.2 - Open source technologies


D13 - Thematic seminars

D12.2 - Open source technologiesEDEA-Renov project has developed some software applications and monitoring systems. All the Applications, software and hardware used in EDEA-Renov have been built completelyon open source technologies such as Arduino® Raspberry Pi® Energy Plus® MySQL® and Linux®. This document explains these technologies, their features and the arguments to select them instead other solutions.  (PDF 499 Kb)
D13 - Thematic seminarsDuring EDEA-Renov project the partners have participated in several seminars, congresses and talks related to energy efficiency, energy renovation and sustainable construction. Several dissemination activities have been realized by the partners during the project.  (PDF 241 Kb)

D14 - Online Community of practice


D15.1 - Training courses on energy simulations

D14 - Online Community of practiceEDEA-Renov develops some online activities such as observatory tool and posting on the main social networks. Observatory sustainable rehabilitation tool holds and disseminates all the knowledge related to energy efficiency in the construction and rehabilitation field, considering it a continuous source of information to technicians and users. Social networks Facebook and Twitter have been used to disseminate the main activities of EDEA-Renov project and the main news and events.  (PDF 2,70 Mb)
D15.1 - Training courses on energy simulationsDuring training and dissemination tasks, several courses on energy simulation were given by EDEA-Renov project. Energy simulation tools are crucial in the energy efficiency renovations and rehabilitations in order to analize, study and decision making when you are deciding which will be the future rehabilitation measures in a existant building.  (PDF 385 Kb)

D15.2 - Training needs


D16 - Training courses on energy renovation 

This document shows the most relevant data related to the knowledge of energy efficiency measures and energy certification methodologies in Extremadura. This document reveals the different technical and users profiles that usually are involved in energy efficiency training. Also the main formation centers around Extremadura are linked with the different degrees and courses that they give in their entities.  (PDF 598 Kb)
D16 - Training courses on energy renovation During training and dissemination tasks, few courses on energy renovation were given by EDEA-Renov project. New energy renovation measures are appearing in the construction field and technicians and builders have to be informed of their features and performance in order to use them properly.  (PDF 573 Kb)

Annex 6.2.2


Annex 6.3.1

Annex 6.2.2
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Annex 6.3.1
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Annex 6.3.3 - Energy studies course

Annex 6.3.3 - Curso Estudios EnergeticosCaracterísticas y Normativa de las Viviendas de Promoción Pública. Eficiencia Energética en las VPP.  (PDF 8,00 Mb)


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