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Action 7: Communication and Dissemination.

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A7 - Cover Index


D17 - Dissemination and Communication plan

D17 - Dissemination and Communication planThis report includes the communication plan of EDEA Renov project including general view, dissemination activities, tools, budget, chronogram and expected results.  (PDF 843 Kb)

D18 - Website of the project


D19 - Dissemination tools

D18 - Website of the projectProject website is one of the best dissemination and information channel of the project. In our website there are results, surveys, an observatory tool, weather files, reports, EDEA demonstrators visiting management, links to EDEAsim and also it is a communication channel among the partners of the project.  (PDF 2,52 Mb)
D19 - Dissemination toolsDuring EDEA-Renov project has developed several manuals, publications, guides project events hardware and software in order to improve the knowledge of energy efficiency in the construction field.  (PDF 887 Kb)

D20 - Interpretation centre


Annex 7.2

D20 - Interpretation centreEDEA Demonstrator and interpretation center has been improved during EDEA-Renov project in order to improve the quality of the visiting for professionals, students and users, and also in order to add new installations, features and bioclimatic systems to realize EDEA-Renov test.  (PDF 289 Mb)
Annex 7.2
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Annex 7.3



Annex 7.3
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