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Knowledge base design and development

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     Description: results from the project, and more specifically the results on the testing of  the materials, technologies and applications of  both EDEA and the current project, will be integrated into a and interactive website with a know ledge base which contains of different layers of access:

     Public layer - in which any person, institution or company can access information on the materials, technologies and applications that potentially can be applies to their house or building, taking into account a series of criteria, such as type of building, year of construction, etc . Through an easy lo use checklist the user will be guided to those materials, technologies and applications that can be applied, with a short description 01 each of the possible solutions.

     Private layer - aimed al companies and workers from the construction and renovation sector, as well as from the providers from materials, technologies and applications. This layer includes includes in a detailed  way all the relevant data on the lest results.


     The knowledge base will be supported by the interactive website which will provide a support system with a specific area for FAQ and Community of  Practice where the users can learn from eachother and exchange information and knowledge on the use of the knowledge base specifically and energy efficiency in renovation processes in general.

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by Dr. Radut.