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       Indeed EDEA-RENOV will take into account other relevant on-going experiences, both on European as well as national and regional level, and will establish links to these projects and experiences with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experience.


       The innovative aspect of EDEA-RENOV, as compared to the above mentioned examples, is that it will build upon an existing infrastructure to provide a test situation for materials and applications for renovation processes instead of new constructions. and it will actually measure comparative data of the Experimental and the Pattern houses (created in EDEA) with respect to the particularities and specific issues for renovation.


Some examples of on-going experiences interesting for EDEA-RENOV objectives:


  • E4R. Participation of Government Extremadura, is funded by the European program SUDOE directed to the field of energy rehabilitation. The aim is to encourage and promote the energy rehabilitation of building in the SUDOE  space. through the rehabilitation of practical tools that help establish criteria both energetic and economically efficient. AAlso, is to be created a meeting point for specialists and user with specific content of regulation, subsides, guides, experiences, products… where they are all interested in energy rehabilitation.



  • Eco2Building project (Eco-Innovation programme) brings together architects, timber construction engineers, building services and software engineers who have collectively developed Eco2 building, a system which reaches high resource efficiency standards while still being economically priced. Based on prefabricated timber frame modules, the buildings meet ‘passive house quality’ and uses renewable, CO2 neutral materials.



  • BEST project (7th framework programme). provides a technological leap for sustainable timber construction. The research collaboration will develop an entirely new system of timber buildings, from single storey up to 6 storeys or more, to support the growing international interest in timber as a sustainable, low energy and high carbon building material. The high strength, low mass, and design flexibility of engineered wood (glue-laminated-timber and laminated-veneer-lumber) has greatly improved the viability of structural timber for low-rise multi-storey buildings.



  • REBECEE project (IEE programme). aims to promote renewable energy heating/cooling applications and energy efficiency solutions for buildings. These houses are part of new residential and revitalized areas without CO2 emission in the participating cities.



  • ARFRISOL. is a singular Strategic Project led by the Spanish the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), through the construction of five buildings unique in different Spanish weathers conditions, intends to prove the Bio-climatic Architecture. And FRIo SOLar (absorption machines fed by solar thermal systems), along with other active systems, it can save between 80% and 90% of conventional energy that consume conventional buildings.



  • INVISO. Optimising the production of housing and housing sustainable industrialisation. This is an unique project and the strategy has two basic objectives: to achieve maximum sustainability in the production and to use of homes, and to optimise the production of housing.



  • International Award housing bio-climatic organize by the Technological Institute for Renewable Energy- ITER - Tenerife-Spain.  This is a self urbanization comprising 25 different bio-climatic houses. The houses will be evaluated and lessons can be applied later in other areas with similar characteristics, allowing enhance the experience and knowledge developed with these type of homes.



  • RECONSOST. is a coordinated project, funded under National Research Plan in which AICIA (Association for Research and Industrial Cooperation Andalusia) and the IETCC (Instituto Eduardo Torroja de Ciencias Construction). Research Constructive Solutions Thermal Performance Bioclimatic. Application of New Technologies Sustainable Renovation of Buildings.



  • Experimental Cross-Border Place about Renewable Energies (INTERREG). The objective of the project is the construction of a low energy "isle" in Alentejo (Portugal) to generate electricity from renewable sources and a low energy building in Extremadura (Spain).

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