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       EDEA-RENOV builds upon the experience gained in EDEA, a project financed by an earlier call of the LIFE+ project. The main goal of EDEA was "to develop an efficient methodology for the design and building of social housing in the region of Extremadura, with the aim to obtaining sustainable buildings, with better energy behaviour, and the use of renewable energy sources, in addition to ensuring a substantial increase of the quality of construction".

The research is different in the two proyects. EDEA-RENOV investigates and considers the improvements in construction quality in older building, from the point of view of energy efficiency, the main objectives are more urban and social.


Demonstrators are used in both projects but at different times. In this Project, EDEA RENOV, passive and active strategies will be implemented in experimental house, in 2013.


In the first quarter of 2012 will be made previous studies of passive and active strategies to be thermal modelling and simulation in energy innovation (action 3.2); and in the third quarter of 2012, it will make projects of improvements in energy performance of selected active and passive strategies to be implemented in 2013 in experimental and pattern demonstrator.



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