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It is to develop a data base which has the enough information about newtechnologies of energy renovation as well as thermal modeling and simulation the strategies by means of specific international programs and to evaluate their sustainability in order to create a software that allows to the users to know the possibilities of energy improvement in their buildings easily.
Several browsers, general and technicals, will be explored and various public and private data bases. Building energy simulation is important for the study of energy efficiency in buildings


Computer simulation programs are effective analytical tools for building energy research and evaluation of architectural design like LIDER, CALENER VYP, CALENER GT, TRNSYS, ECOTEC, DESEGN BUILDER, FLUENT. It will be created a program for evaluating strategies and quantify the impacts derived from phases of Manufacture (M), Construction (C), Demolition (D) of material and Use(U) data obtained from simulation and monitoring of strategies and the parameters that affect when evaluating from the point of view of sustainability.


Create a software for evaluating and calculating or measuring the amount of energy needed to find the energy demand associated with a typical use of the building, which includes energy used for heating, hot water heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.


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